About - Enoki


With a mind shaped by humanist ideas, a background in multidisciplinary training, fascinated by the mechanisms of the human body, the most diverse sciences and the why and how of things, photography made no exception. At the age where one is generally more interested in video games, he was studying the social organization of ants and took his first pictures with the paternal camera. First, for study and classification purposes and then, he gradually discovered the possibilities of expression hidden by that big black case.

Self-learning led him to express his high sensitivity in photographs filled with poetry, references, contrasts and simplicity: the unusual ordinary is revealed in a glance, a gesture, a moment... His eye becomes more refined and, influenced by both Chinese and Japanese philosophy, his conception of photography gradually changes to become Enoki (“picture’s spirit” in Japanese). Both insignificant and striking, each image is a photo made by the eye, the head and the heart.

Current location: Paris
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